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Healthcare for Hospitality

Our Services

BeBetter Wellness, in partnership with Sikarin Hospital, works with organizations in various industries based in Thailand to provide mobile on-site medical services.

Our products and services are designed specifically to complement your existing business with minimal impact on your operations, especially with global brands who have local market restrictions and requirements from their corporate offices.

Who We Work With

Hotels & Resorts

We provide on-site or on-demand medical teams for hotels and resorts anywhere in Thailand


Our Home Services offering is perfect for villa developments, apartments and serviced residences


We work with companies to provide on-site employee check-up and medical services

Our Leadership Team

The BeBetter Wellness team are group of licensed individuals who believe in Strategic thinking, Leading change, Creativity, Result Oriented, Continuous Improvement, Customer Focus and Emphasis on team development.

We provide a team of expert professional nurses and doctors on demand or full time, operational know-how, custom made medical packages, reservations and appointment systems, management systems, financial models and more.

Our team is our strength.

Dr. Wimlak Suadee

Medical Director

Dr. Wimlak Suadee, currently serving as Medical Director at BeBetter Wellness and 15 Bio-Cell Centres (part of Slim-up centers) has 17+ years’ experience in components of Anti-Aging, Hormonal Replacement therapy, Functional Medicine and more.

Her strong clinic abilities, interest in the business aspects of medical care potential to handle teams , creative thinking, and her immense experience and education in research and product development has proven her to be successful clinical personnel.

Dr Wim oversees all medical operations for corporate partnerships, ensures programs are delivered professionally, safely and within compliance regulations.

Our Competitive Advantage

Competitive Pricing Negotiable

We believe in long term partnerships build with trust by ensuring to provide a competitive pricing structure which is a win win for both parties.

Greater Productivity and Responsiveness

We strive to provide quick and productive outcomes and solutions in the shortest time span possible.

Customisable and Brandable Programs

We are flexible in designing programs, products specific to the demands and requirements of our clients and partners.

Our Capabilities

We work with your sales team to integrate our products and services into your existing offerings, and also develop completely new customised packages and services to suit your organisation’s needs.

Check-Up Packages

Unique check-up packages developed to match your brand and needs.


IV nutrient cocktails, hormone replacement therapies and more

Customized Supplements

Personalised supplements with your branding to resell to your guests.

Doctor Consultations

Online or on-site doctor consultations, part time, full time or on demand.

Utilize the Underutilized

You need more business leveraging your underutilized space but don’t want to risk of hiring and managing more people.

You want to offer more services to your guests, residents or employees but its difficult to predict the demand especially during these extraordinary times.

You want to stand out from the competition with excellent customer service while lowering your overheads.

Contact us, we can help.

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