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Screening and Check-Ups

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We offer a variety of health check-up packages suitable for patients of all ages. 

Our health check-up packages cover a large range of tests that are not commonly performed by conventional doctors and are frequently found at the leading edge of medical science.

If you are not sure which check-up package you need, book an appointment with one of our doctors for complimentary advice.  Each health check-up package is completely customizable to meet your unique needs.

Many people may not realize that common lifestyle habits can greatly contribute to the risk of developing serious chronic diseases.  When healthy lifestyle habits are adopted, your risk of many kinds of chronic diseases can be mitigated. Optimal Health demands that you consider adopting better dietary habits, engaging in regular physical activity, minimizing risky behaviours, and managing your stress better.

It is understandable that not everyone will be able to maintain these positive factors, let alone maintain them consistently throughout their lifetime. Therefore, it is important to start with a health check-up and we can help you towards achieving your goals.

Determining the status of your bodily functions can help us identify any abnormalities before they can worsen, display symptoms, and pose a significant risk. Identification of issues allows for prompt intervention and/or treatment, which can – reduce complications that may lead to loss of function and even your life. It also helps you save on future high medical costs.

Our Basic Wellness Check-up measures the free oxygen radicals, homocysteine, and Serum Vitamin D levels. C-Reactive protein, a measurement of inflammation in the body, is also measured and gives your doctor useful information that can lead to effective prevention and treatment options.

THB 6,000

Many Executives Health program participants remark that the comprehensive nature of our executive physicals, the ability to customize the assessments based on their needs, dedicated time with your physicians and the warmth of our staff are what distinguish our program.

We offer a comprehensive, holistic preventive health evaluation using a thorough set of evidence- based assessments to develop a complete understanding of your health status.

Each executive health physical starts with an in-depth consultation with our specialists at BeBetter-Wellness to understand your overall current state of health and to identify your concerns. By scheduling a range of assessments during your visit, we develop an extensive and wide range of understanding of your health needs and provide you the convenience of completing these tests at one time.

Our Executive Wellness Program will conclude with a detailed meeting with our expert specialist to review your results and a customized plan to improve your health, address issues identified and target any risk factors that may impact your health.

Designed with your time in mind

 Although your visit is streamlined, the connection you make with BeBetter Wellness forms the foundation for a long-lasting relationship.  Participants in our program gain a trusted medical partner and often return at scheduled periods of time to meet with our specialists to move you constantly and consistently towards a better lifestyle.

This program can be tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Comprehensive health assessment and medical history review
  • Full range of preventive screening tests 
  • Cardiovascular counselling
  • Review of medications
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • In-depth, one-on-one review with your personal executive health physician
  • Optimal Executive Health Service
  • Dedicated appointment coordinators to ensure your appointments are scheduled efficient.

THB 30,000

These tests identify hormonal abnormalities that might interfere with the health of your skin, your ability to focus and concentrate, your physical fitness and your sexual health.

Female Hormone Check-Up

Sex hormones, thyroid, stress, and growth hormone levels.

THB 6,500

Male Hormone Check-Up

Sex hormones, thyroid, cancer risk, stress, and growth hormone levels

THB 7,000

Toxic metals, like lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury present in the body can cause a wide range of problems including headaches, skin problems and premature again. This quick painless test utilizes spectrophotometry to obtain results on the amount of trace elements and heavy metals which exist within the tissue.

This test measures the absorbance levels or the optical density of a specific chemicals or mineral substances. The scan will help to identify the most efficient supplementation that would maximize the nutritional benefits as well as identify any heavy metals in the body.

THB 7,000

Food sensitivities are a common source of chronic low-level inflammation and until these foods are identified and eliminated, optimal wellbeing remains just out of reach. Food allergies and food sensitivities are similar in many ways, but they are not the same thing. Food allergies prompt responses from the immune system that can be severe and dangerous. Allergies are easier to recognize due to the suddenness of the reactions, even with just a small amount of food.

Food intolerance (sometimes called food sensitivities) do not provoke the same kind of immune system reaction and they tend to develop gradually or only after frequent or when large amounts of food items are consumed. The symptoms and health problems food sensitivity’s produce vary widely and can be easily mistaken for other conditions, making them difficult to identify and diagnose.

A simple blood test is available to measure the reaction of body’s IgG antibodies to nearly 200 common food items known to cause food sensitivities. Test results are available within 14-16 days.

THB 20,000

An annual heart check-up is important in order to keep your heart healthy for a long time.

BeBetter Wellness offers the Healthy Heart Profile, a comprehensive screening that identifies your cardiac risks at an early stage.

You will learn:

  • Probability of a heart attack in the next 10 years, compared to average risk.
  • Personal recommendations for improving and having a healthy heart.

THB 4,500

Are you finding it difficult to lose weight and stick to diet plans? Weight loss is not just about dieting; it is about managing your lifestyle and substituting unhealthy practices with healthy ones that sustain good health.

Developed by lifestyle medicine experts and coaches based on this principle, our optimal weight loss check-up will provide you with a roadmap based on your lifestyle needs, eating and exercise habits, thyroid, and other hormone levels. Our doctors here at BeBetter Wellness will look at the underlying reasons for your excessive weight and create a personalized program to lose weight, safely and effectively.

THB 7,000

The Wellness Nutrient Elite is a blood test that evaluates a variety of biomarkers and assesses the body’s functional need for antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, digestive support, and other select nutrients. Personalized recommendations for nutrients are determined by using an algorithm based on the patient’s test findings and helps our specialist to assess the optimal levels of nutrients and provide a customized treatment plan for your health which would prevent or mitigate chronic disease.

This test package includes the following:

  • Oxidative Test (measures levels of oxidation in the tissues)
  • Total Vitamin D (serum levels of Vitamin D)
  • Micro-Nutrient Profile (this test measures levels of numerous micronutrients)

THB 21,000

No matter how good your eating habits are it’s critical to know whether your body is absorbing and utilizing the nutrients you consume. This test measures not only your nutrient levels in blood but also evaluates inflammation, increased signs of aging and an early indication of imbalances which could lead to diseases.

This test package includes:

  • Oxidative Test
  • Total Vitamin D
  • Lipid Water Soluble Anti-Oxidants Profile

THB 11,500

Home & Office Service

Receiving an IV Treatment or having a blood test in the comfort of your own home is now as simple as scheduling an appointment. At the agreed upon date, time, and location, a healthcare team will come to you and provide the services requested.

Online Doctor Consultations

You can schedule an online consultation with any of our doctors at a time that suits you best.  Simply make an appointment and we will help you with the rest.  Perfect for initial consultations or follow ups, or if you simply don’t want to face the traffic.

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