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The BeBetter Wellness Model of Health

Let's Get Personal

To know you…truly know you, is to be able to help you achieve your wellness goals. This short article is about how BeBetter Wellness seeks to truly know you.

What separates you from every other human that ever existed is approximately 0.1% difference in your genes. In other words, only one change per 1,000 DNA base pairs (out of 3 billion base pairs). All of the genetic variation between every human that has ever lived, can be accounted for with these few changes. These changes account for so much…what makes us tall, or short, the tendency to be slim or fat, a genius or below average intelligence. It also helps explain why some of us die early, are plagued by chronic diseases or live to a ripe old age without obvious disease.

At BeBetter Wellness it is our goal to learn as much as we can about what makes you ill and in doing so learn what can bring you back to optimal health.

Some of us are born with slight variants of genes that present us with heightened health risks. These health risks once known to your doctor, can be modified in such a way that we substantially decrease the risk of future illness and improve your health today. We have the technology for discovering not just what genes you have, but whether you have slight mutations in those genes that makes you more susceptible to common chronic diseases. These slightly mutated genes are called SNPs or “single nucleotide polymorphisms.”

To be clear, the genes you were born with is not the only thing that determines whether you are healthy or not, but they are important. Of equal importance is “how you live your life.” Your lifestyle greatly contributes to your potential for living a healthy and long life, regardless of the genes you were born with. What you eat, what you do for work, how you manage stress, how you form relationships, and whether you get daily physical exercise, all contribute to your current and future state of wellbeing.

At BeBetter Wellness your doctor may order lab tests that you may not have heard of before. These include genomic tests, functional medicine tests, and a variety of immune system tests that allows your doctor to better understand exactly how your body is reacting to the life you’re living. For example, the results of a special genomic test may tell your doctor that your liver is not adequately neutralizing toxins from your blood. People with specific genomic variants may have unnecessarily high levels of specific toxins flowing through their bloodstream that compromise immunity or lead to accelerated aging and chronic disease. In such a case, providing you with a personalized supplement or an IV nutritional cocktail can help reduce the amount of toxins in your blood and decrease your risk of serious illness and improve your chance of living a longer and healthier life.

Your doctor might seek to learn more about how your digestive tract is absorbing nutrients from the food you eat. They might order a “Serum Nutrient Test” to measure the amount of vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants flowing through your veins. Such a test might show that you are not eating as well as you could or hint that your digestive system is not absorbing what you eat. If this is the case, your doctor might prescribe a short course of IV Nutrient Therapy to restore optimal cellular levels of vital nutrients.

BeBetter Wellness utilizes hundreds of possible diagnostic tests to better understand the underlying cause(s) of your current state of wellbeing and in doing so can create a personalized approach for you to “Get Well, Stay Well” for a healthier and longer life.

The key to understanding the BeBetter Wellness Model of Health is to realize the road to wellness is a journey and not a destination. Our doctors are committed to assisting you in achieving your own health objectives.


This is a guest article contributed by Dr. Anthony Perillo.

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